A Guide to Yacht Chartering on Greece’s Most Beautiful Island: Santorini

Santorini, a beautiful crescent-shaped island in Greece’s Cyclades Islands, is an enchanting destination that every traveler should visit. With its breathtaking landscapes, unique beaches, and picturesque villages, a Santorini yacht charter with FGI Yacht Group is the most luxurious and comfortable way to explore this spellbinding destination.

Envision gliding along the island’s azure waters while admiring the breathtaking views of Santorini’s towering cliffs and attractive beaches. Santorini’s breathtaking coastline is certain to win the hearts of beach lovers. Red shoreline, a pebble shoreline set against a backdrop of red cliffs, is one of the most popular beaches on the island. ‘Kamari Beach’, renowned for its surreal black sands, is an additional beach worth investigating.

Once you’ve explored the breathtaking coastlines, direct your crew to set sail for Firá. As you approach the island’s capital, you will be captivated by the sight of whitewashed buildings constructed into the cliffs that plunge into the ocean. Visit some of this picturesque town’s historical sites, cathedrals, and monasteries to immerse yourself in its history and culture. Explore the charming caldera-perched villages of Imerovigli and Firostefani by traveling further interior. Oia, one of the most famous villages in Santorini, has maintained its natural, rugged attractiveness over the years despite growing in popularity among tourists. Enjoy a leisurely promenade through the complex of charming homes on narrow streets, flowering verandas, and blue-domed churches perched on the cliffsides. During your exploration of the town, try to distinguish between the houses built for Venetian sea captains in the past and the traditional cave houses. Then, descend 300 steps to the small port of Ammoudi to watch the sunset over the blue-domed roofs before returning to your charter yacht for a nightcap under the stars.

For a change of tempo and scenery during your yacht charter in Santorini, the Dodecanese island of Leros is an excellent option. This spectacular island is dotted with charming villages such as Alinda and Agia Marina, and its impressive medieval citadel and settlements reflect its rich historical past. Leros is also renowned for its magnificent beaches, crystal clear waters, and astounding marine life. Rhodes should also be at the top of your itinerary during your Santorini yacht charter. It is one of the most well-known islands in Greece, also known as the Knights’ Island. Rhodes offers a variety of activities and sights, including green valleys, mountainous villages, ancient fortresses, and secluded beaches. Several pristine beaches offer a variety of watersports, including windsurfing and kitesurfing, and some offer diving lessons and dive trips to investigate old shipwrecks off the coast. Explore the Old Town, where the ancient castle, stone walls, and cobblestone streets will make you feel as though you’ve traveled back in time.

A yacht charter to Santorini would be incomplete without a stop in Athens, the country’s capital. During your Santorini yacht charter, be sure to visit the Acropolis, the most enduring symbol of Greek civilization, for an exclusive private guided tour. Learn about the Parthenon and the Greek gods before dining in one of the city’s many world-class restaurants. A yacht charter in Santorini provides an unforgettable voyage through one of Greece’s most idyllic and romantic locales. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from investigating the island’s unique beaches and picturesque villages to venturing to other nearby islands.