Shanghai Travel Guide

Shanghai Travel Guide

You will always feel like an outsider when visiting Shanghai, no matter how well you think you know the place, speak Mandarin, or how many times you have visited Shanghai. Shanghai has advanced significantly since to visited. The places you have left, the last time you were in the place, there is nothing like the place you will return to when you visit again.

How is transport in Shanghai?

You can get to Shanghai via air. There are two major airports in Shanghai: Shanghai Pudong and Hang Chow. Shanghai Pudong is the primary gateway, while Hang Chow primarily serves domestic flights. Pudong has diverse international destinations you can use when traveling worldwide.

Pudong can be extremely busy and chaotic sometimes. However, it is relatively easy to navigate through because of its open and spacious features. It stretches a significant mile across, and there are many options to maneuver through it.

Getting to the airport is easy since you only need a taxi. However, it is the most expensive. Getting into the People’s Square situated in the middle of the city takes an average of an hour and costs one hundred and sixty Yuan. When traveling using a taxi, it would help to communicate your destination in writing on a piece of paper in Chinese because most taxi drivers do not understand English.

How to get authentic Chinese Food

Shanghai has several traditional Chinese foods you can grab by the street traveling. Traveling around Shanghai might not be easy. Therefore, a trustworthy tour guide might be a good option to take you around the streets. A trustworthy tourist ought to show credibility through websites or legal licenses.

Tour guides may help you traverse China and get authentic local Chinese food. Authentic local Chinese food may comprise the original foods made in mom-pop shops that still make everything by hand. Authentic local Chinese foods cannot be found in chains.

However, in the recent past, pop shops have been removed from the streets to give way to development. Malls and other buildings have been made, and street vendors displaced. Nonetheless, you can find one or two with the help of a tour guide.

How is the Chinese Currency

The official currency of the Chinese is the Renminbi. It is abbreviated as RNV, but the base unit is the Yuan. So, all the prices in China are given in Yuan. Most importantly, the Chinese currency is in bill form, including small changes.

Yuan is technically a restrictive currency but easy to exchange. However, it can take up to one hour to exchange the money for the Yuan. The best way to get around the tiring process of getting the Yuan is to get to a nearby ATM and make a withdrawal. ATMs are located in many places within Shanghai.

When you get cash from the ATM, it would be best to get a little extra to use in the restaurants and other food joints. Most of the outlets hardly take master cards or American Express for payments. During your payments, you may be asked to provide the six-digit number on your card. If you only have the four-digit number, add zeros to make the number complete.

Doing good preparation before you get to Shanghai is essential to allow you to have a smooth journey to and from your destinations. When choosing a tour guide, it would be best to ensure you know the person’s credibility. Therefore, prior detailed research is essential to help in your planning.