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In Rwanda, gorilla trekking entails hiking through challenging terrain and adverse weather as you get closer to a designated gorilla family in the Volcanoes National Park. For the elderly, there are always native porters and guides available to help you carry your backpacks and alleviate any potential problems you may run into when trekking the gorillas. They will undoubtedly assist you by taking the weight of your luggage off your shoulders so you can focus on meeting the gorillas and photographing these fascinating primates.

However, if you’re wondering whether or not to go gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park is challenging, you should be aware that the hike to find the gorillas is always strenuous and dehydrating. As a result, be sure to work off some calories today! Locating the gorillas might occasionally take more than 4 to 8 hours. You can sometimes catch up to the enormous silverback in 30 to 3 hours. Therefore, it is wise to consume an energizing breakfast or bring energizing snacks and drinks with you on the gorilla hike.

Volcanoes National Park is tropical in nature where travelers hike searching for mountain gorillas, and because of the prevalence of tropical insects like tsetse flies … Read the rest