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Discovering the Hidden Gems of Cap d’Ail by Boat

The picturesque town of Cap d’Ail, situated on the French Riviera between Nice and Monaco, boasts a captivating coastline that is best explored by boat. Renting a boat in Cap d’Ail allows you to uncover the region’s beautiful and lesser-known spots, from secluded beaches and picturesque coves to charming coastal towns. In this article, we’ll guide you through a selection of hidden gems that can be accessed via a private vessel, ensuring you experience the true beauty and allure of the Mediterranean.

Mala Beach

One of the most idyllic spots along the Cap d’Ail coastline is Mala Beach, a secluded cove that can only be accessed by boat or a steep coastal path. This hidden paradise is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation, and pristine sands, making it the perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. The beach is also home to two exclusive beach clubs, offering a touch of luxury and indulgence for those looking to unwind in style.

Plage Marquet

Tucked away at the eastern end of Cap d’Ail, Plage Marquet is a small and tranquil beach that offers a peaceful respite from the bustling tourist spots along the coast. With its calm, shallow waters and family-friendly … Read the rest