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Shanghai Travel Guide

Shanghai Travel Guide

You will always feel like an outsider when visiting Shanghai, no matter how well you think you know the place, speak Mandarin, or how many times you have visited Shanghai. Shanghai has advanced significantly since to visited. The places you have left, the last time you were in the place, there is nothing like the place you will return to when you visit again.

How is transport in Shanghai?

You can get to Shanghai via air. There are two major airports in Shanghai: Shanghai Pudong and Hang Chow. Shanghai Pudong is the primary gateway, while Hang Chow primarily serves domestic flights. Pudong has diverse international destinations you can use when traveling worldwide.

Pudong can be extremely busy and chaotic sometimes. However, it is relatively easy to navigate through because of its open and spacious features. It stretches a significant mile across, and there are many options to maneuver through it.

Getting to the airport is easy since you only need a taxi. However, it is the most expensive. Getting into the People‚Äôs Square situated in the middle of the city takes an average of an hour and costs one hundred and sixty Yuan. When traveling using a taxi, it … Read the rest